About Slate37

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What this site is about


Slate 37

Slate37 is a project that provides resources and training for PivotWerks instructors and the broader community.


PivotWerks is a training and consultancy team that partners with educational organizations, cultural institutions, non-profits, and businesses. We provide training and organizational development workshops.  All of our work is focused on the capabilities of our clients and the problems they are trying to solve.



The goal of the Slate37 project is to introduce a framework and supporting background materials that will empower instructors to create workshops that:

  • Embrace the values of Agile Project Management
  • Utilize the power of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Are based on Design-Thinking processes



Design-Thinking Process Flow

How will we approach this task?  We will use the process of Design-Thinking to help us create workshops that are grounded in modern learning theory.


 Ideas - 42

Ready to Start?

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