This weeks readings made me think about pedagogy and how I wrestle with the way I teach in two very different learning environments.

When I am teaching for the Grad School I am very much and constructionist, that embraces project based learning.

When teaching for the Search and Rescue Team, I am what one might call a behaviorist, the “sage on the stage”, throw knowledge at you in hopes that it sticks.

The demonstration of successful learning from these students is quite different than from my grad school students. I almost want a reflexive, muscle memory response to situations from searchers. It is life or death and time matters some things just have to happen with very little thought.

We drill into them that team and searcher safety is paramount. Victims or subjects do not need another injured party they need rescuers.

Perhaps that approach is wrong?

I don’t know and will be curious to pick the brains of my fellow students and instructor to find out if there is in fact a better way to approach Search and Rescue Team training.

Bob C


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