Cardboard creation

Our task this week is to build something out of cardboard. I want to build a luggage compartment cover for the new FiT but have no had time to dive into that. I will get to that after this quick build and share out.

What to build?

I found this neat iPhone holder and thought it would be a good prototype to start me thinking about the cell phone holder I want/ need for the car.

Here is the template which is available at

We need some cardboard to start. That is May in the background and she decided that chewing up a cardboard box was a good thing to do. So we have some raw material

Next we trace out and cutout the pattern


Cut- kind of challenging to cut the tight angles



And add a phone

Notice the little notches for charging cables

Well that went pretty well. Cutting out the small tab notches was a real challenge. I ended up using the razor knife and just hacking away. Maybe a much small chisel or dermal cutting blade would have worked better.
I also cut down the small flat piece that connects everything to make it narrower and flatten the tilt of the holder.

What did I learn? It is not as easy as it seems to cut small things and notches. I also learned that modification is needed in this case. I would use a different cardboard with a tighter construction for the small cross piece.

I think that as a prototyping medium cardboard is great and I will certain be hacking this to create my car cell phone mount. Instructors of younger students may need to get creative when providing cutting tools or perhaps figure out a away to punch out pre-scored parts. There is an idea – how to create easy to use effective safe punch type tools for cardboard.


4 thoughts on “Cardboard creation

  1. You asked about safe punching through paper… If you are looking for a circle cut you might want to check out the following:
    I’ve heard that the authentic Japanese ones are the ONES that really work.
    I’ve also used a Golf Tee with students for safe hole punching.
    As far as cutting goes.. A Klever KUtter as a safe box cutter is a MUSt for little fingers
    I”ve been collecting cardboard cutting tool ideas, so please share if you come up with some that allow for the precision you would find in a laser cutter.


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