Cardboard Car Cell Holder Fails Road Test

Well almost but not quite. Turns out the tilt of the holder results in way to much glare off the phone screen. I think there is some usable information that we have gained from the beta. Back to pondering

But actually you could ponder all day long. We learned that prototype is what moves design forward.


Cardboard creation

Our task this week is to build something out of cardboard. I want to build a luggage compartment cover for the new FiT but have no had time to dive into that. I will get to that after this quick build and share out.

What to build?

I found this neat iPhone holder and thought it would be a good prototype to start me thinking about the cell phone holder I want/ need for the car.

Here is the template which is available at

We need some cardboard to start. That is May in the background and she decided that chewing up a cardboard box was a good thing to do. So we have some raw material

Next we trace out and cutout the pattern


Cut- kind of challenging to cut the tight angles



And add a phone

Notice the little notches for charging cables

Well that went pretty well. Cutting out the small tab notches was a real challenge. I ended up using the razor knife and just hacking away. Maybe a much small chisel or dermal cutting blade would have worked better.
I also cut down the small flat piece that connects everything to make it narrower and flatten the tilt of the holder.

What did I learn? It is not as easy as it seems to cut small things and notches. I also learned that modification is needed in this case. I would use a different cardboard with a tighter construction for the small cross piece.

I think that as a prototyping medium cardboard is great and I will certain be hacking this to create my car cell phone mount. Instructors of younger students may need to get creative when providing cutting tools or perhaps figure out a away to punch out pre-scored parts. There is an idea – how to create easy to use effective safe punch type tools for cardboard.


Well we had to take stab at creating a 3-d design for printing. I just bought a new Honda FiT and find the lack of a place to mount my iPhone so I can use Waze problematic. I said what if I could design a thing to cradle the phone on the irregular cutout on the left side near age window.

He is the result of my first try:

It’s hard! It took me a while to get the hang of the shape and making a crude hole. I need to take some serious measurements for this to work and figure out how to remove and add material to these shapes.

Not ready for prime time for sure. I will peck at it and see what i can come up with.


This weeks readings made me think about pedagogy and how I wrestle with the way I teach in two very different learning environments.

When I am teaching for the Grad School I am very much and constructionist, that embraces project based learning.

When teaching for the Search and Rescue Team, I am what one might call a behaviorist, the “sage on the stage”, throw knowledge at you in hopes that it sticks.

The demonstration of successful learning from these students is quite different than from my grad school students. I almost want a reflexive, muscle memory response to situations from searchers. It is life or death and time matters some things just have to happen with very little thought.

We drill into them that team and searcher safety is paramount. Victims or subjects do not need another injured party they need rescuers.

Perhaps that approach is wrong?

I don’t know and will be curious to pick the brains of my fellow students and instructor to find out if there is in fact a better way to approach Search and Rescue Team training.

Bob C

A new class

This fall I an taking Innovations in Education: Maker Centered Learning up at Marlboro Grad School. I do not consider my self well versed in the “Maker” movement or at all familiar with things like 3-D printing.

We have a maker-space at Hampshire College, but I will confess to being to busy to pay it much attention. Having said that the timing of this course is perfect, because I do need to get more involved as we will possibly be moving the maker-space operation under my department’s (IT) oversight.

I will blog my experiences here and you can watch the rollercoaster that we call learning happen!